What’s a happy sex face? It’s the face you make when you feel amazing. It’s the face you want someone else to make if you’re getting frisky on them. And afterwards, it’s that blissed-out, all-your-troubles-melted-away, let’s-get-a-snack-face. You know it. Hopefully you’re making it right now. 

HappySexFace is an all-natural sexabulous oil for fun with yourself and others. HappySexFace is made from high grade, all-natural coconut oil and is part of an ayurvedic lifestyle that prizes real, natural ingredients on and in our bodies. You can drink it, if you like.

We celebrate the happiness and sexiness our bodies can create and welcome the joy and positivity that loving our bodies releases into the universe. Our products work on all genders, orientations, races, religions, and ethnicities, with pleasure. 

Come one, come all. 


Portland, OR